GTM Lead

Imagine your dream gig. Well funded, fast growth Venture Studio with $1B upside, you share the profits in. Your Role: Driving the Go-to-Market strategy. Here’s how you’ll know if reading this ad is worth your time:

Do you love the art and science of marketing? Does copy that connects and engages an audience to action give you a rush? Is staying up on the latest marketing, social media, and business strategies easy for you - because you just love this stuff? Are your strategy chops as good as your understanding of the tactics that drive GTM success? Does the idea of building your marketing dream team excite you? Are you ready to get rewarded for your genius and your creativity with benefits as good as any Fortune 100 company, and the upside of a venture fund?

If that’s you, and you’ve already successfully run Go-To-Market as either a Chief Strategy Officer or Chief Marketing Officer for a successful SaaS, service, or product company, then read on, because we’d love to meet you!

We’re a fast-growing, impact-driven hybrid venture studio that would truly appreciate (and reward) your ability to effectively communicate business and marketing strategies to the team you build - leading the Go-To-Market function for our portfolio of SaaS companies.

Our exceptional team of compassionate, hard-working, fun-loving executives empower SaaS entrepreneurs to make a bigger impact by designing, creating, launching, and scaling new SaaS applications (think subscription-based B2B or B2C apps). Our venture-backed firm has cracked the code on validating ideas - vetting, designing, developing, and deploying new SaaS businesses quickly - sometimes in as little as 90 days.

Our business model is a unique hybrid that combines the best elements of a tech incubator, SaaS accelerator, and venture studio to democratize tech. The investment community, along with some notable entrepreneurs, are taking notice. (You’ll be hearing about us soon in all the top media channels.)

We’re disruptive - in the best ways, passionate about our mission to create the best experiences for every stakeholder - our employees, co-founders, vendor partners, investors, and the B-Schools and tech ecosystems we partner with.

And because we want to attract the best talent available, we’re investing in our leadership and teams. If you’re clear about where you want your career to go once hired - whether that’s a promotion within or outside our company, we’ll help craft a clear plan to get you there.

So, what kind of people are joining our growing team?

Likable, focused, well-organized, and goal-driven professionals who share our passion for great experiences. Individuals committed to becoming the best in their field. People with as much emotional intelligence as technical competence. Team players who celebrate the wins and share the losses. We love our days, and the freedom it gives us to have nights and weekends to pursue our passions. We LOVE startups - the energy, creativity and flexibility this opportunity creates for us.

If you’re a proven growth hacker with a track record building and scaling SaaS companies to $10+ Million, excited about working in a rewarding and fast-growing environment while managing your own time, but with the support and camaraderie from a talented team of go-givers, then we would love to meet you and learn about your goals for the future.

Your primary responsibility: Assemble, grow and manage scalable GTM Teams - driving the growth strategies and KPI’s for our portfolio of SaaS companies. We’re growing - fast, so everything we do is grounded in a scalable process.

What will your days look like?
Varied, fun, and engaging! You’ll develop growth strategies, oversee all of our initiatives to drive portfolio company engagement, leads, sales, retention and positive customer interactions. You’ll lead teams you hire and manage who are proven experts in their fields.

Have some creative ideas? We want to hear them. We iterate quickly, fail forward, and are a team that takes fast action.

Our Mission
Our mission is to simplify the process of effectively starting, planning, growing and scaling new SaaS Companies. We do this by leveraging partnerships with colleges, universities, and professional communities. We reach our ideal co-founders through education, events, PR, news interviews and promotion of well-vetted 3rd party resources who are experts in SaaS apps, branding, marketing, operations, and other key areas of business growth.

Your Job: Design, recruit, hire, train and lead our GTM Team. Systemize the GTM functions for rapid validation of SaaS ideas. Lead our internal marketing efforts to ensure that relevant, engaging content that converts is delivered to our stakeholders (prospects, clients, sponsor partners) that provides real, tangible and credible value.

Survey the community to identify their needs and then leading content initiatives that drive new business while building community and culture.

This includes:

  • Design and deploy (with your team) effective marketing and sales campaigns for an ever growing portfolio of 100+ SaaS companies.
  • Collaborate with portfolio co-founders to identify growth hacking strategies for their niche industries and accelerate their path to their first 100 users.
  • Recruit, hire and train the teams executing your strategies.
  • Working cross-functionally to ensure company-wide KPIs are achieved while providing the best experience for our Founders and their customers.
  • Leverage market data to inform product enhancements and strategies that drive user adoption.
  • Gather data and analytics (or supervise those who do) for CRO.
  • Build an effective B2B and B2C SaaS marketing growth engine.
  • Get stuff done - execute briskly with precision, in alignment with your department’s OKRs.
  • Assist in selecting which companies we add to our growing portfolio.

Who you Report To

We’re not big on hierarchy here. You’ll work directly with many team members, and report to our President.

Success Criteria

Together we’ll establish a baseline “standard” which incorporates objective metrics we can easily measure that we all agree to. You won’t be given any goals or objectives you personally don’t help create and agree with. These standards will include:

  • Positive brand recognition and consistency across chosen channels.
  • An increase in defined customer engagement metrics (measured by users taking the desired action…i.e. Opt-ins, conversions, subscription, purchase, etc.)
  • Website, email list and social media traffic growth.
  • Growth in conversion metrics such as open rates, click thru rates, conversions and growth.
  • An increase in appropriate and qualified leads to funnel.
  • Identifying and pitching up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to stakeholders.

If you’re like every other “A” player on our team, you’ll embrace the idea of measured progress and continual improvement, celebrate the wins, and see every shortcoming as an opportunity for growth and improvement. You won’t ever be afraid to ask for, or offer help.

Our compensation is competitive, includes health insurance, vacation time and other benefits, along with performance bonuses and the potential to earn equity for achieving desired outcomes.

If you are ready to stretch your wings and have demonstrable experience leading a GTM / marketing team, and share our commitment to empowering a new generation of SaaS entrepreneurs, then we would love to meet you!

Please include a cover letter (200 words max) and your resume to this application!