Project 10K is more than just a venture ecosystem; it's a launchpad for dreams, a beacon for innovation, and a testament to the spirit of tech entrepreneurship. Our mission is to ignite the potential of 10,000 tech companies, transforming them from napkin ideas into thriving entities. We don't just help you launch, grow, and exit your tech company—we're committed to making a lasting social impact. At Project 10K, we're not just fostering business growth; we're democratizing the tech landscape, championing diversity, and helping to shape a more inclusive future in tech.

10,000 tech companies, 10,000 dreams realized, 10,000 steps toward a brighter future in tech.



  • Competitive Compensation Plan

  • Personal Development Opportunities

  • Mentorship Program

  • Work from Anywhere (Remote)

  • Limitless Earning and Impact Potential

  • Career Growth Plan & Resources